Zergoth are a Thrash band hailing from Orlando Florida, who have just released their second album titled Thrash Odyssey.

Now I have never heard of Zergoth, even being a massive Thrashhead, but When I first put this album on, I was in an instant time warp back to the mid 80’s when bands such as Death Angel, Forbidden, Agent Steel, Dark Angel and Slayer were amongst my favourite US bands. Zergoth have some how managed to combine elements of the mentioned bands along with some classic Maiden influenced riffs and hammer out an absolute Thrasterpiece! I have always wanted to hear such a sound where a blast from the past sounds right, fresh sounding ideas with a touch of classic Thrash. How the guys have managed to accomplish this sound without actually copying, or indeed covering any other band is outstanding. Obviously, you can hear who their heroes were whilst learning their craft, but still they have their own unique kick ass thrash sound, which, I am sure, if it was released back in the 80’s would have set them on their way to being a big name in Thrash.

If like me, you miss the old school days of the 80’s, were most of the bands have long since disappeared, then this album Thrash Odyssey is as close as you are going to get to that glorious period in Thrash history. the vocals, as one would expect, punchy, to the point, and screams galore! (sadly missed in the new age of Thrash) The guitarists are on form, and know how to unleash Thrash chords per excellence! Drums are an important part of Thrash for me, a lot rides on drums for me, if I don’t like the drumming, then I can’t listen to a band or album, but this guy is a beast behind the kit hammering out a full on assault. What a quality drummer! Bassists are another important factor for me, some are too quiet, others too loud, or sloppy players, but once again Zergoth fire on all cylinders with excellent bass lines throughout the whole album.

To summarise, I can’t find one single fault on this album, and it fully deserves the title Thrash Odyssey! I only wish more bands sounded as good as Zergoth.