Your Royal Madness – I


Welcome to Your Royal Madness!

My name is Logan. I’m here to guide you through their latest album, titled I.

I don’t know a lot about this band from Finland, but I like them. They’re not ridiculously heavy, or brutal, or attempting progressive elements; they’re controlled, melodic, and attempt a more sort-of-standard metal fare. They remind me a wee bit of Iron Maiden, except with a female vocalist with a cool accent.

Before I start on the track themselves – I need to note that this band is tight. Everyone can play the s*** out of their instruments.


The second track, “Piena Kivia”, is solid. Really solid. I can imagine that it would have been intended to have been the single; it includes mainstream metal elements, a rocking guitar solo, and a recurring chordal progression that gives it an injection of angst (without over doing it). It’s energetic and fun.

The third track, “No One Steal Me” is quite different. In the intro, it features clean arpeggios, a solo in an exotic scale, and a completely different feel to the song before it. This one is also in English, and the more that I list to it, the more I am really digging the vocal style. It’s authentic and organic. Come the chorus? Time signature change, but it works. There’s no sudden adjustment of pace – really smooth. This band really knows what it is doing. Also, some bits reminded me of the lighter works of Opeth, which was awesome.

Would I cool this band metal-metal? Definitely not a Meshuggah or Cryptopsy – these musicians are going for more of a larger, textured, less crushing-your-face-in vibe. I’d say they incorporate elements of more classical metal than anything. And that’s great, considering how prevalent (at the very least) the influence of the 80’s bands is in today’s modern metal.

My potentially asinine-opinions aside… what is clear and evident that this band, formed in 2010 from former members of many former bands, has a future in the metal industry.

I mean, on their website, they mention that they are into bands such as Muse and Guns’n’Roses (of which are more rock than metal), but also that they listen to death and black metal.

The reason I mention this is because there are a wide variety of genres in the spectrum between the two extremes; and from what I’ve listened to on this album, I hope that they’ll continue to reach into that void. They’re doing it already, and it sounds fantastic.

The final word on this new album from Your Royal Madness, titled I – just listen to the final track, titled “Utopiano”. That’s how a ballad should be done in this day and age.