Wretched Tongues area a Deathcore quintet formed in 2017 in Manchester New Hampshire, USA. Their new single has just been released titles Dismal  Eternal. I am not a massive fan of Deathcore, but as Dethcore bands go, Wretched Tongues have opened my ears to just how heavy the genre can be!

Prior to hearing this single my perception of Deathcore was, repetitive riffs, 20 breakdowns per track and undefinable vocals. Thankfully, Wretched Tongues have proved me wrong and have blown my mind with this one track. Of course the track is seriously heavy, but there is structure and tempo changes and some excellent hooks and riffs, added to some wicked guttural vocals. I think I need to listen to some more from Wretched Tongues as they are rapidly becoming top of my playlist on my phone.