WIZARDFEST II Line Up Announced


Brisbane’s WizardFest is back for round II..
Celebrating a night of epic musical potions, well stroked wizard beards and black cats..
Featuring a lineup of local talent and unique progressive bands..
Be there to support and cast a spell upon the music lords..

Featuring –
Fear The Setting Sun
The Royal Artillery
Weightless In Orbit

Saturday May 3rd @ Crowbar, Fortitude Valley.
Doors @ 8pm, $10 door cover.

 – A powerhouse trio that combines elements of everything metal has to offer.
No stranger to the local stage and the International touring stage, FTSS have grown into a unrelenting spirit of progressive, epic and memorising stage shows.
A formidable and unexpected set is ensured..

 – Playing a heavy brand of blues and unabashedly blending the adventurous vibe of the late 60’s blues explosion with some serious 90’s riff and groove; this is soul music delivered through the barrel of a shotgun. Long songs, fat riffs and solos to melt your face. Featuring a new line-up of Vayer fame, Zed and Co are ready to pop your socks!!

 – The Sunny Coast quintet are a progressive band, with the technicality and musicianship you would expect from such forward thinkers of Progressive metal. A live show that will crush you in a good way and serenade you in every-way. The hands of the Prog gods have blessed this lads..

 – Unafraid to combine a wide array of influences into their sound, Therein a ever-evolving beast that will transfix.. From traditional Irish to blues and Jazz, Death to Noise and Prog Rock, these guys will surely have something to tickle your beard. Branding a mature and forward thinking approach to there sound..

 – The Ritualistic and Psychedelic doom lords are here. Lovers of the slow and heavy riff and praise the spiritual forefathers of doom and gloom. The fact they do a Burzum cover live, staples the fact that they have a uniquely intriguing and powerful performance to be witnessed. Roll up early to witness one of Brisbane’s best Doom bands..