Witchfest Open Air 2015 – South Africa


Post by Bianca DelCarmen

2 to 6 April 2015 will see the biggest metal festival ever to take place on African soil. Witchfest Open Air 2015 #?WFOA2015 will feature some of the biggest international names in the metal world with the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Epica and Decapitated (to name just a few) joining the bill. This ensemble of international metal awesomeness will also be supported by the very best the South African metal scene has to offer.

The legendary Jim Rose will be MC along with Marq Vas from South African metal legends Metalmorphosis.

The festival was due to take place on a farmland in the North West Province town of Hartbeespoort but this was disrupted by the “christian community’ in the area and the organisers were forced to relocate the festival! Good news is they have secured a new venue in Lanseria which they will be announcing soon!

This is what they posted on their page:

Witchfest Festival was dealt another blow (non lethal) this past week.
It appears the forgiving and accepting nature of the Hartebeespoort christian community is on holiday. They have been harassing the venue / Farmers to the point that we were told, either your fork out 3million and buy the farm or leave.

Well we have left….

Now for the GOOD NEWS. We have secured a new Venue in the Lanseria area. This means we will offer a free shuttle service from Lanseria Airport to the new venue. There are accommodation options available. With a shuttle service.(3min from airport) CAMPING is still available. ALL TICKETS are still valid.

They will try, but they will always fail…….

It is disappointing that there are these so called ‘christian communities’ in the world that are really so closed minded about the metal scene that they associate it immediately with the worst they can think of when little do they know that if anything we are probably some of the nicest people you will meet out there. We are like family and stick up for each other come hell or high water! So please enough of this harrassment and let the metal fans out there enjoy and experience these amazing bands that have inspired them through the years! Go pick on the ‘good girl gone bad and sleezy’ musicians out there that are on national tv all day long setting those examples for your children!

A big thank you to the Witchdoctor Productions team for not backing down and despite everything are working hard non-stop to ensure WITCHFEST OPEN AIR 2015 will happen!

So support this event, tell your friends about it, go get yout tickets now!

The festival is set to make history as the first of its kind in South Africa.

Tickets are available from and