Formed back in 2010 as Shrapnel the band changed their name in 2015 to W.M.D (When Minds Develop), hailing from Calgary, Canada the band have conjured an amazingly heavy thrash album entitled Lethal Revenge.

Now, for some strange reason, when people talk about Canadian metal, the only names that are regularly featured are: Voivod, Razor and Exciter. The actual fact is, that the Canadian metal scene is far bigger than just a few bands. Indeed, when I was in Canada a few years ago, I met a few bands in a metal bar in Edmonton, who introduced me to a whole new world of Canadian metal bands. Thrash seems to be the Canadian’s preferred genre.

W.M.D have their own style, and don’t actually sound like any band in particular, which is unusual in this day and age. Of course, there are elements here and there from the glorious 80’s thrash era, some tunes have an old Overkill (Under the Influence era) vibe, on another there is an essence of Vio-lence. If you are looking for some over-produced new wave Thrash, you are definitely in the wrong place! W.M.D have composed an album of pure old school Thrash assault with the intent of causing Lethal Revenge! It is rare that a relatively new band releases an album of this calibre, especially in the Thrash sector. No breakdowns or any other modern-day bullshit, just pure, undiluted Thrash, hammering through the speakers at break-neck speed, guaranteed to cause severe neck ache for a few days!

On the whole, W.M.D. are a class act, that combine the classic era of thrash with a fresh vibe of their own. Lethal Revenge is sure to find a lot of fans around the globe, not only from the thrash community, but, also from the old school metal fans and die-hard headbangers. A truly great album, and a band to watch out for in the future.