Vivicide CD Release Show to Take over Tempe


When I first saw Vivicide perform in June 2012, I was completely taken aback and utterly amazed at the performance of this trio. These young, Arizona metaller’s were the supporting act for the Six Feet Under event that rolled through town. Had I not known any better, I would have suspected that Vivicide were a full-tour supporting act, not just a local opener. Emblazoned in suit-vests and ties amidst the 100-plus degree heat, Vivicide annihilated the Rocky Point Cantina (now known as Havana Cabana) that night.

Fast forward one year, a fall mini-tour, and an added guitarist later, this trio turned foursome are ready to release their long-awaited and highly anticipated EP titled “Sanctuary”. In honor of their blood, sweat, and shredding, 13th Floor Entertainment presents the Vivicide CD Release Show in Tempe Saturday June 1st, at the newly revamped Havana Cabana, and I could not be more excited!

Opening the event will be fellow local metal acts, Anamika, Singularity, Bellicose, He Who Binds Himself, Souless, and the almighty Cave Dweller.

If you are in search of a show this summer that surely won’t disappoint, head out to the Havana Cabana this Saturday June 1st and listen to some Arizona Metal as it’s meant to be listened to: in a small club, with lots of friends, booze, and heavy, f*cking sounds.

The show starts at 6pm with tickets available for $5 (YES ONLY $5!!) from all local acts through their Facebook page or at

Tickets will be sold at the door.