Vindicator shouldn’t really need any introduction, the Yorkshire based bashers have been around since 2004. The British noise mongers have been absent for a few years, their last release was the awesome Undead In Leather EP way back in 2011 (which I still listen to on a regular basis).

What can we expect from Vindicator on this album, is a question I was asking myself in the run up to the album being completed. Black Sacrament contains 9 tracks of the purest old school Metal imaginable. If you are looking for over-produced squeaky clean sound, then turn away now, as you will not find ANY modern influences! I feel like I have been teleported back to the early 80’s when bands like Possessed, Venom, Bathory, Destruction and many other extreme bands were devastating the Metal world.

Black Sacrament has to be the modern homage to the bands of old, without actually sounding exactly like one particular band, keeping the old school vibe alive. One thing I have noticed, is there is a slight hint of Norwegian Black Metal, in the form of very early Immortal style. The overall general vibe is centred around Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Bathory, Venom and early Coroner sound. I still can’t stick Vindicator into one genre, the best I can do is Black/Thrash/Death. I am struggling to find a favourite track, they are all excellent, each track has it’s own identity, even the Countess Bathory cover is executed with total respect to the founders of Black Metal. Cathedrals Of Despair is a contender for my favourite, due to its speed, aggression and the sheer riff quality.

Black Sacrament is a must have for any serious Metal Head, no I’m not talking about the wannabe emo nerds, proper long haired, battle jacket, studded, bullet belted wearing headbangers that appreciate real quality Metal.