VIKING – No Child Left Behind


Viking are a band that should really need no introduction to any old school thrash metal fan. The album features no less than two members of  Bay Area thrash legends Dark Angel, drum god Gene Hoglan and Michael Gonzales on bass. For live performances drummers Matt Jordan or Cody Johns will retake the throne behind the kit.


The old school thrashers hailing from Southern California, have yet again released another awesome album No Child Left Behind contains ten tracks of severe neck breaking tunes.


The album kicks off with a heavy, powerful track named 9:02 on Flight 182, which is a track that hammers home the reality of devastation caused by an aircraft crash, the horror, the grief, total carnage seen through the eyes of a school child. A truly amazing track to kick off an album. The sheer power contained within this album is intense beyond belief, and would you believe it, not one single blast beat in sight! Old school means old school! Hard riffs, screams, artillery style drums, pounding bass, ripping guitar solos just the way Thrash should be. Eaten By A Bear is another track that will rip you to shreds, and guarantee to leave you thrashed where you stand! There is no letting up from Viking on this album, their mission is to thrash you into submission, and this album does just that!


I really can’t find a favourite track on this album; each track has its own high degree of awesomeness! This album is seriously any old Scholl thrashers dream! With most of the old bands reunited in one form or another and many newcomers to the genre, you still can not beat the original bands at their own game. No Child Left Behind offers ten severe lashes to the neck of any true metal head out there! A must have album.



1. 9:02 on Flight 182

2. By the Brundlefly

3. Blood Eagle

4. Debt to Me

5. An Ideal Opportunity

6. Eaten by a Bear

7. Wretched Old Mildred

8. A Thousand Reasons I Hate You

9. Helen Behind the Door

10. Burning From Within