Vice are a British band Manchester that, until, a few days ago, were unknown to me. How these great, new bands keep going unnoticed is beyond me! This is their debut album called The First Chapter. And if this is anything to go by, there will be a lot more in the future.

Vice have an interesting sound and style, its as if Bullet for my Valentine were crossbred with Primordial. Their sound is raw, powerful, heavy, melodic, but at the same time they have a certain Black Metal twist to their riffs.
The Black Metal infused riffs add an extra dimension to their already Heavy, melodic thrash riff ensemble. The track Pride has an almost Judas Priest/Iron Maiden deulling guitar solo vibe going on, which, although is nothing new, it is a rarity these days to hear such quality guitar work on a debut album.
Sloth is a track that has a Slipknot vibe to the vocals in the meodic part, but takes on a thrash assault in the heavier breakdowns.
Carrying on from the seven sins theme is Lust. Now this track has a mellow intro that becomes probably one of the best instrumental tracks I have ever heard!
Web of Iniquity is the final track on The First Chapter, and what a stomper of a track it is! Crammed with excellent riffs, harmonies, quality drumming and exceptional vocal skills topped off with yet more awesome guitar solos. Can you get more metal than this?

I can say that the trio have a very good future ahead of them if they can release this quality metal with each future release.