Formed way back in 1984 the German thrash legends Vendetta have finally released another killer album. The band released classic albums such as Go and Live, Stay and Die, Brain Damage, back in the glory days of the 80’s before disbanding. they reformed again this millennia to release Hate and Feed the Extermination. with a few line up changes in between the band have now released their 5th album called the 5th!

if anyone is expecting the band to changed their style over the years like some bands have, think again! Thankfully the band are as hard and fast as they were when I first bought my copy of their debut way back in ’87. With the German thrash wave doing so well in the last 15 years or so, I hope the band are here to stay and continue to raise hell with their ferocious, wild style thrash that they are loved for. Never afraid to shy away from topics such as religion, Vendetta tell it how it is on the track Religion is a Killer. The state of the world at the moment needs addressing and Vendetta have hit the nail on the head with this track. Contender for my personal track of the year. the album, as you would expect is a little more technical than those of yesteryear, but by no means weaker! vocally and musically Vendetta are back with all guns blazing destroying all in their wake.

Welcome back guys, another of my favourite bands  showing the new school wannabees what real metal is and how to play it.