Ukrainian Power Metallers DEFIANT Streaming New Song

Ukrainian Power Metal quintet DEFIANT have partnered with New Noise Magazine for the exclusive stream of “Funeral Feast,” a song from forthcoming album Time Isn’t Healing.
will release sophomore full-length album Time Isn’t Healing November 25 through Ferrrum Records. Pre-order:
Since its formation in 2008, DEFIANT‘s mission has been to enthrall fans with a brand of power metal that is as muscular as it is melodic. DEFIANT went on to release no less than three EPs and 2012’s full-length debut Masquerade, collectively laying the groundwork for what can only be called its magnum opus: Time Isn’t Healing. The crunching riffs and soaring leads of guitarist Andrey Turkovsky blend seamlessly with the epic, often breathtaking keyboard work of Victoria Terzieva, while Stanislav Proshkin’s gritty yet tuneful vocals offer a captivating stamp of distinction. The clanging bass lines of Oleg Yakovlev and airtight drumming of Eugeniy Smolin form a robust rhythmic foundation.
But it’s the quality and consistency of the songwriting that is perhaps most impressive about the new album. Whether the up-tempo power metal pummel of “Milestones of Time” or the mid-tempo elegance of “According to the Acts,” Time Isn’t Healing sinks the hooks in deep and keep the listener in a state of rapt attention from beginning to end.

Fans of HELLOWEEN, RAGE, and similar icons of the genre are strongly encouraged to give this one a spin.

The album’s title track is streaming at this location.
Album teaser video:

Album artwork by Mayhem Design.
Track Listing:
1. Storm (Intro)
2. Milestones in Time
3. The Jericho
4. Funeral Feast
5. Time Isn’t Healing
6. According to the Acts
7. The Dream
8. Don’t Trust the Words
9. The Truth and the Lie
10. The Grief
11. Soul is Burning
12. The Eagle
“Big on production, big on melody, and big on hooks.”
 – Sorrow Eternal
“Recommended for fans of Megadeth, Helloween, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody of Fire, Therion, Iced Earth, Sabaton.”
– Metal Bands Underground
 “A  CD for any faithful follower of Heavy / Power Metal. Modern and melodic.”
 – Queens of Steel