UK Doom Band MONOLITH CULT Release ‘Gospel Of Despair’ On Transcending Records

Epic UK Doom quintet MONOLITH CULT have released sophomore album Gospel of Despair on Transcending Records.  The album can be streamed in its entirety by visiting the following link: 

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Gospel of Despair was recorded at SkyHammer studios and produced and engineered by Chris Fielding of Conan. It is a massive progression in songwriting and production from the first album. MONOLITH CULT took influence from Mastodon, Iron Maiden, Rainbow and Black Sabbath (Dio era) to create a more epic metal sound and step away from the usual Doom, Stoner, Sludge sound that has been prevalent of late in the UK

Over the years in MONOLITH CULT and within other groups, band members have shared the stage with acts such as, Goatsnake, Slough Feg, Solstice, Procession, Entombed, Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Orange Goblin, My Dying Bride, EyeHateGod, and Spirit Caravan.


“Sympathy for the Living” Lyric Video

Track List:
1. Disconnection Syndrome
2. The Gospel Of Despair
3. Kings Of All That’s Lost
4. Chothia In Memorium
5. Sympathy For The Living
6. Complicity In Your Own Abuse
7. Death Means Nothing
“Driven by hefty riffs and huge-sounding vocal performance, Gospel of Despair should put the [quintet] in company with the likes of Spirit Adrift.”
 – Decibel Magazine
 “Gospel Of Despair is a seriously impressive chunk of melodic doom metal which should have all fans of the genre champing at the bit.” [8.5/10]
 – Metal Observer
“The album has energy, clarity, emotion, and everything in between, which makes it an audible must-listen experience for doom metal enthusiasts.” [8.7/10] 
 – Metal Trenches
“A record that’s tailor made for fiends of the slow n’ slow.”
 – Hellride Music

Album lineup

Bryan Outlaw – Vocals
Lee Baines – Guitar
Wayne Hustler – Guitar
Izak Buxton – Bass
Damo (Prodigal Son) Clarke – Drums
All drums on the album played by Dan Mullins.


were formed in 2012 by Bry Outlaw (Vocals, ex Khang, Threads), Lee Baines (Guitar, ex Khang, Serenity, Lazarus Blackstar and Solstice), when Bry and Lee were thinking about the possibility of resurrecting Khang. They asked Damo Clarke (Drums, ex When Giants Collide) to come down and jam through a couple of Khang tunes from the 2003 album Worship The Evil, but rather than attempt to bring Khang back to life. They killed it and decided to create new music for a new band. Soon Izak Buxton (Bass, ex Chorus of Ruin, Lazarus Blackstar and current Solstice) was on board. The first album, 2013’s Run From The Light, was released when the band was a quartet and received excellent reviews. But with Lee wanting to progress with the sound of the band, Wayne Hustler (Guitar, Ironrat) swore an allegiance to the Cult. This allowed the band’s sound to expand with the addition of extra melodies and harmonies. Before recording Gospel of Despair Damo had to take time out due to family commitments, Dan Mullins (Drums, My Dying Bride, Bal-Sagoth) stepped in to assist in preproduction and the recording of the album. Recently though Damo has returned and has been re-initiated into the brotherhood.