Thrown into Exile Call it Quits…for now


By Audriana Gates

Not since the Yellow Dogs incident (too soon?), has an ENTIRE BAND been dismantled over night.

Los Angeles based band Thrown into Exile was feeling the sting of this departure yesterday when guitarist (and band founder) Mario Rubio posted this au revoir for the band on

“Friends and family… It’s with a very heavy heart that I’m announcing that Chase, Erik, Evan, and Colin will no longer be in Thrown Into Exile due to musical differences and views of direction where the band should go. I want to make it very clear that there is no animosity or ill will between us, these guys are family and I love them, its just unfortunate that we’re not on the same page of the bands direction and lets be completely honest here there is no point in pursuing something that wont make you happy which led to this. It’s a tough pill to swallow and I’m not going to lie this fucking hurts and it’s not easy… I want to thank them for everything and the great moments we’ve shared together, I also want to thank YOU all for supporting this band and everything YOU have done for us, I said it once and will continue to do so YOU ARE THE REASON WHY WE’VE ACCOMPLISHED ALL THIS and will forever be grateful because you have made dreams reality. I wish my brothers nothing but the best and will support them. As for the future of Thrown Into Exile, I started this band 2 years ago and will continue on with the name and be on the look out for a new line up, and I will pursue this and work harder than before. From the bottom of my heart thank you so fucking much, you have no idea how much I value you all…

-Mario Rubio

The Metal Review caught the now defunct T.I.E on the Mayhem Festival tour this summer and we were quite impressed by the power of this band. Whatever the “real” story may be behind the dismantling of the band, we wish Mario good luck in trying to piece together a new Thrown into Exile.

TMR talks with ex-Thrown into Exile vocalist Evan and solo-roller Mario backstage at Mayhem Fest 2013: