The_MOLOTOV – Zombiewalk Brisbane 2015 Review


For those unaware, Zombiewalk (First introduced to Brisbane, Au in 2006) is an annual event in which patrons dress up as the dead or zombified characters from all number of sources (games, movies, pop culture, etc) In 2009 Zombiewalk hooked up with The Brain Foundation of Australia to raise awareness and funds (Plus it somewhat morbidly fits the theme) That year though, the event evolved into a full fledged festival in the RNA Showgrounds and raised over $53,000 for The Brain Foundation making that years event the MOST successful Zombiewalk in the WORLD. Now it’s 2015 and the Zombies are allowed back into the city.. This year packed with blood, SFX make up and face painting booths, various themed food stands/trucks, an 18+ drinking area, markets, a wrestling ring and a really well set up a stage for what would soon be a great rock show. I was lucky enough to make The_MOLOTOV and man.. If you get into industrial/punk/metal, you’ve gotta check these guys out!

Now straight off the bat, I just want to say that these The_MOLOTOV smashed it more then I had anticipated (And I expected well) They’re a great blend of so many different and seemingly conflicting genres and themes that somehow harmonize to perfection. Their music is provocative and their lyrics are very deep and well written. Like an artistic, yet audible challenge of the general status quo. A 5 piece fem/male combo band, these guys juggle multiple instruments, styles and push them to the limit to showcase their influences in Alternative, Industrial, Electro, Metal, Rock and Rap. Such a non-pretentious exhibition of pure talent. But before I rant and rave about that alone, lets get on with the analysis.

The_MOLOTOV started out showing you exactly who they are with their intro Democracy Is Dead, in which Paul starts laying down the drumming foundation for the entire set and Claire starts building the backbone. It was a really nice way to get straight into their first cover of the night, Rock Lobster which is probably the best version i’ve heard. It was fucking epic! It was at this moment that I looked over and noticed Dan dressed up as a zombie Princess Jasmine absolutely shredding it up on guitar, headbanging and having a great time that I knew these guys were just plain awesome both in sound and stage energy. Jayde’s vocals really hit you hard and her range is amazing. Deathly growls one second, clean singing the next, all with seamless transition. She’s just a great vocalist. It was a shame the event’s sound guy fucked up and her vocals were drastically lowered in volume suddenly. Fortunately I was front row center rocking out with my bro so her efforts weren’t wasted. Gotta give the lady props too because she didn’t flinch and the show went on!

Echo Chamber followed and was a nice change of pace from the funky stylings of The B-52s before starting into Robots. During which it became apparent the power words can have when strung together and presented in the right way. These guys are the voice of a revolution and can get pretty political (in a good way) but they’re out to have fun too. The important thing is their message and it’s righteous as fuck. Scart’s guitar work is brilliant and his vocals are great too. A great compliment to Jayde and Claire who together really make for a jumble of great ranges and styles. Quite the trio. Rising Tide was another great song and admittedly the drumming in this trio of songs was impeccable. Paul can really tear it up! And then something so fitting happened. Perfectly fitting.. They covered Zombie by The Cranberries and much like Rock Lobster, it was executed amazingly. I swear this is what brought most people back but there was a steady flow and for an all ages event in the last slot before close, The_MOLOTOV were keeping the Brisbane City zombies up late.

Touch was a nice pick me up after Zombie dulled the tempo a bit and I must mention that Dan was going absolutely mental on the keyboard at this stage, trading out his electric guitar. New Skies followed quickly after as a build up for the finale.. And what a finale. I have to say before I get into that though, Jayde’s addition of a megaphone, on paper would sound slightly obnoxious. I’m shocked at how well implemented into the set it was. It matched the political themes and undertones so well. Go Back to Sleep.. wow, what an outro. The_MOLOTOV hit it hard, loud and yet clear and true. Their unique combination of multiple instruments and talents alongside their various and vastly different influences truly make these humans 5 in 5 billion. I would definitely go see them again because it was just a great experience you’ll only get seeing them.

I’m giving these guys a 4.5/5


A huge thanks to Zombiewalk Brisbane for having us and putting on a kickass event! Check out the review details for the official Brisbane Zombiewalk site, facebook page and for event/contact details. Every year it gets bigger and better! Hopefully The Brain Foundation of Australia raised lots of money again. A big shout out to and for being our zombie cage dancers this year and leading our zombies away from the living saving us meatbags for another year or so. You girls looked amazing!