The Scottish band The Nebulosity are a psychedelic infused Stoner rock quartet, that have thus far have managed to fly under the radar unnoticed by many for the last 4 years since their forming. Their music manages to fuse the fundamental origins of Rock such as early Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, and yet add a spacey-progressive spin into the mix. The album title is simply called C, not quite sure what the meaning of this is, but according to The Nebulosity their definition is ” “C” is an exploration into the cyclical nature of the world we live in and experience everyday and the ones we live in but don’t”. The music does the talking, whereas the album artwork certainly depicts exactly what you are about to hear. In parts a spacey, trippy, doom laden heavy album.

There are 8 tracks on the album that are so creative and out of this world, inspired by many forms of the Rock and Metal genres.

There’s one epic track called The Rain, in it’s entirety, all 11.53 minutes of it has no flat-spots, crammed with riffs, hooklines, tempo changes and excellent vocal ranges to complement the whole package. The track actually makes me think of what would happen if Rush teamed up with Trouble and Crowbar. There really is a lot of creative flow happening, you have to hear it to believe it.

Cosmonaut reminds me of early Black Sabbath, the bass guitar has a certain edge that could have been a lost riff that Geezer could have used on the Paranoid album. The overall vibe of this song is awesome. I do like my old school style Rock/Metal and The Nebulosity have certainly obtained a huge mark of respect for creating such an awesome track.

Another track that is addictive is CGhost. The track has essences of Deep Purple, but with a heavy Doom effect with a hefty dosage of tempo for good measure.

Solar is another long track (10:25) that grabs a hold of the listener and catapults them into outer space endlessly drifting through space. The music somehow manages to capture and project images in the mind of aimlessly floating through the never ending void of a world beyond our own.

The Nebulosity are a band that I would recommend for anyone who is a fan of old school Rock/ Progressive and Doom Metal. Bands such as; Deep Purple, Sabbath, Tool, Crowbar, Trouble, Rush, Credence Clearwater Revival and Down.

A truly excellent album that is sure to find a lot of fans. A very talented band to look out for.