The Molotov are a quintet haling from Brisbane, Australia, who have just released their first single, Break! Their style is quite interesting in that they have two female vocalists in their ranks, one doubling up on bass duties. This creates a great dynamic in their song writing as they can have a clean vocal passage and then a harsher backing vocal to add more power.

The single is quite unique in that it is heavy, but has some industrial elements with some influences from bands like System of a Down which is awesome! The Molotov are a fresh band that have some quality ideas, strong riffing with a lot of groove from the rhythm section.

The Molotov are definitely a band to watch in the future. Looking at their Facebook page, they are already reaping the rewards for their hard work and playing live on the Australian circuit.

If you are into something a little different, original, heavy and yet melodic, then The Molotov are a band you need to check out!