Molotov have released their new album, Resistentia, a 12 track monster of an album! I recently reviewed their single Break, so I was interested to hear what the rest of the material would entail. I am glad I got the chance to hear the full album as listening to a single does not give much insight as to what a band are capable of. On this album the band have revealed what they are capable of, not just another metal album, but an album that covers quite a wide spectrum of many genres, including: Gothic, industrial and a touch of punk essences shine through.

The Australian quintet have pulled out ll the stops on this magnificent album, with their varied styles and shades of aggression in their song writing. A track that displays this perfectly is Touch, what an awesome track! Slow starting, but full of aggression which builds up in speed toward the end, a contender for track of the year for me! Another thing that is quite unique, is that, the band have three vocalists, one is the main vocalist the others double up as bassist and guitarist, but they exploit this feature quite well, using two different female vocals and one male vocal crating a huge scope to cover any point they wish to bring across. Rising Tide is great example of this, they use all three vocals to great effect.

To sum up this fantastic album, The Molotov have somehow managed to conjure up this masterpiece of twelve-tracks without sounding like any other band. A great band that needs to be checked out!