The Metal Review Is Changing! And Moving. New Site at


Much like the title says, TheMetalReview is changing and moving. After 12+ years, it’s time to rebrand and branch out. Originally TMR was a MySpace page, then a custom made HTML site and then after upgrading to our current format, we lost much of our old content. Lost, but it’s still there buried in the database. Speaking of databases, after upgrading to our current format, we experienced a targeted hack that nearly destroyed us and through a lock of patchwork fixes, the site was kept alive but at the cost of a corrupted database and errors sitewide which is why it runs slow as fuck.

This is part of the reason why we decided to remake our site from the ground up on our new host. Now the framework is done (took a few months), we will be manually reposting, backdating and re-attributing every single post to the original authors and keeping things appropriately organized. The new site runs 17.1 times faster already and is as smooth as butter. With everything linked up from the get go, site functionality will stay stable this time. We have got most of our 2020 content posted already and all our request forms are functional and re-direct to our new mail servers ( the old ones being a problem of their own)

Anyway, the new site isn’t officially launched but is up and the basic functionality is working as I mentioned. You can visit it here and all current and future reviews, interviews, news, events, promos, etc will be posted there from now on. Over time we will be moving all past content over there slowly but surely and once that is completed, we’ll take down and load up the old old version of the site. The custom HTML build some of you may remember which should make the old content accessible which we will then repost to the new site as well. When all this is complete, will be phased out. The end of an era for us and not something we take lightly.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be phasing out our old logos and cover pictures on our social media accounts as we make this change but bear with us because this is not only a new slate for us but an opportunity. We’ll have a complete collection of all our past content, a perfectly stable database, a 100% up to date main site that runs smoothly without errors and a lot of plans for the future. When faced with the idea of closure, we decided to double down instead and half the work is done already. When v4.0 is ready for the official launch of the rebranding and new site, we’ll also run a 20% discount for 2 months on all reviews, interviews, etc to celebrate but we’ll also be publishing a new page to show our respect to our roots, our past writers and owners and to show how far we’ve come.

Thank you all and stay safe!

~TMA Management