The Infection were formed 2017 in New York. Their debut album, Time To Heal was released in March 2019, ten awesome tracks of the finest heavy rock/metal that I have heard in a while. The production is of the highest quality as one would expect from Anthony Rocky Gallo, who has also worked with The Cult, Jon Bongiovi and John Legend.

The Infection have captured spirit of 80’s Metal and blended it with their own style to create an absolute masterpiece. Vocally, Rick Dunn has displayed some of the finest vocals. His style is a little hard to nail down, but, he does have a mix of Geoff Tate of Queensryche and Sebastian Bach. The guitarist, Tommy Guarnieri fires on all cylinders on this album, excellent riffs, harmonies and epic solos. The back bone to any band is of course the bassist and drummer, these guys work as a solid unit that bind everything together perfectly.

If I had to pick out some favourites from the Time to Heal album, it would be a hard task, but I do favour certain tracks like There Goes the World due to it’s excellent riffing and the diverse patterns that change from heavy to melodic, which has a touch of Nevermore vibe in parts. The other songs that sticks out for me, is the single Consequences, again due to the complex arrangements throughout the track and the powerful vocal range of Rick Dunn.

I would strongly recommend The Infection to pretty much anyone who is a fan of clean vocals, heavy riffing and kick ass songwriting.