The Front End are a trio from Pennsylvania, who’s dynamic sound compares to Rage Against The Machine with a touch of Reggae and grunge. Their Progressive Rock/ Alternative style really is quite unique.

Uncle Tony is a track that stands out on this 4 track EP, It has a slight progressive edge with a hint of Jazz cleverly blended in. The vocals sound familiar, but I can’t put my finger on who it resembles.

Toes In The Sand is has  a more aggressive vibe, a more deeper hidden personal message than the others appear to have. Probably the heaviset track on the EP, well worth a listen, great track.

The final track on the Growing Pains EP is Missed Connections. This track has a Ska/Punk vibe to it, in the style of Catch 22. An excellent track to end an EP with. I listened to that track a few times on repeat.


If you are a fan of Progressive, Alternative, Ska styles, then The Front End is sure to be a band for you to check out.