The Drift Release ‘Hunted’ 1st Single from their forthcoming album!


,  a metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa have just released the first single from their forthcoming album ‘The Mountain Star’.

I asked Trevor Phipps, Vocalist of Unearth to send a few words of encouragement for the lads of “The Drift” with their new single release. Here is what he had to say:

” “The Drift” immediately grabbed my attention with their heaviness, groove and aggression. These guys are at the forefront of the growing South African heavy music scene and are poised to spread their groove laden metal throughout the World!”

Now that is motivating! If this first single is already great, I expect the rest of the album to be awesome!

You can take a listen to it here:

They have also shot the video for this track this past Sunday at the new The Mercury Live in Johannesburg a new venue that will soon open for all us metalheads thanks to the team!

So keep a look out for the new video and album!

Drums, Vocals – Hannes Matthysen
Guitars – Jason Giacoppo
Lead Vocals – Louis du Pisani
Guitars, Vocals – Stefan Stabic
Bass Guitar – Marc Junius

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