The Crimson Ghosts are Germany’s horror punk heavy hitters. After an 8 year absence from the scene due to their drummer having major medical issues, the band have finally found the right guy for the job. I was a little sceptical if the band would ever find the right drummer to fit the job, but they have found an awesome drummer, thankfully. I was anxiously awaiting for this album since the release of their awesome Generation Gore album in 2010. I saw the band live back then, and what a stage show they put on! One of the most intense bands I have ever seen live.

Yet not Human, is harder, heavier and in parts, more melodic than their previous releases. The Crimson Ghosts have used their time wisely over the last 8 years to perfect their sound, and song writing to create an absolute beast of an album. There is a multitude of genres put through the meat grinder and spewed out into this album. Everything from Doom, Thrash, Hardcore, Classic Horror Punk and even blast beasts! Of course, the band have also released a video for the track Don’t Follow, (see below for link) a great video, as always from the band. I can’t even begin to pick a favourite track off the album, there is a re-recording of Chaos Sphere (originally released as a single limited edition of 50 copies), slightly heavier than the original recording! One track that stands out to me, and usually is on repeat in the car, is Rise Again, simply because of its catchy vocals and melody, it has everything The Crimson Ghosts are renowned for! Speed, aggression, and yet melodic and heavy! This track is closely followed by Patient Zero, which is the fastest song I have ever heard the band play. At first the song starts off with a subtle hint that it will be a fast paced track, but, I was not expecting the blast beat that followed.

Without a shadow of a doubt, The Crimson Ghosts are “Back For No Good” and are here to stay, doing what they do best, Horror Punk at it’s finest!