Founded back in 2014, The Crawling are a Death/Doom band based in Lisburn/Northern Ireland. In their short history they have already released two albums and two EPs.

The trio have taken their sound back to the early 90’s of Death Metal, with powerful riffs, guttural vocals and hammering drums. Their newly released video for Still no Sun is an awesome track to present the band to new fans, taken from the Wolves and the Hideous White album. Musically The Crawling have taken on the Slow-mo death style, which sounds a bit like the slower tracks from Unleashed and Morbid Angel merged together to create one hell of a heavy sound.

The video was shot in a darkened atmosphere, rather fitting to the name of the track. The video shows the guys hammering the track out, no unnecessary additions just the band. Personally one of my favoured styles of band videos.

The Crawling are sure to be around for a lot longer, just wish I had heard of them before, great band, awesome music!

For fans of the old school Death scene and some melodic death metal, fans of Unleashed, Grave, Morbid Angel, Entombed (early era) Morgoth (first two releases) Bolt Thrower, Benediction.