Formed in Petaluma, California, U.S.A, The Conjured have a distinct 80’s punk/black metal sound, that, to my ears, goes right back to the very roots of where Black Metal was formed. Their latest offering, Speak with the Dead contains eight tracks of the rawest, darkest music that I have heard since Bathory’s Debut masterpiece!

I can see where the band are heading with this album, their previous releases (3 albums) were also very dark and eerie sounding, cold, Blackened- Punk. But, Speak with the Dead, has more tempo and aggression than the previous albums. Although the band is theoretically speaking a one-man-band project, they are working with other musicians to possibly play live, which is always a great thing to see. The Conjured style has not been inspired, from what I can hear from Norwegian Black Metal, which is something most bands seem to favour in this day and age. I personally prefer the old, original Black Metal from the 80’s as their music although extreme, not too over the top and spoiled by blast beats.

Personal favourites off the Speak with the Dead album would have to be the opening track Conquest of Bosporus and the epic long closer Silver Fog … Scarlet Light.

If you are a fan of the original style of Black Metal, or even a fan of Discharge, Amebix and G.B.H of the early 80’s then this album is probably something for you to check out.