Stone Brigade were formed back in 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden and have been creating some great thrash ever since. Their new album Madman’s Paradise will be released shortly. The album contains 8 tracks of some of the finest Thrash that I have heard in a while.


Stone Brigade’s style is not what you’d expect from a Scandinavian band, there is very little in their music that would suggest that they are from Sweden. Stone Brigade’s Madman’s Paradise has a more British Thrash vibe in the style of Xentrix and Onslaught, the slower, more powerful thrash with some hints of Nevermore and Metal Church mixed in with the vocals, a very powerful vocalist! The guitarists have a great sound, incorporating melodies and harmonies to a very high standard, great solos that compliment each track. A solid duo also in the rhythm section. Heavy, pounding drums that hammer home every beat accompanied by the crushing bass sound that seems to amplify the whole vibe to a new level of heaviness.

I have a few favourite tracks off the Madman’s Paradise, the slow, powerful and yet eerie track Starvation haunts me every time I hear it, a truly monstrous track! Phantomize is another track which sticks with me, due to the sheer heaviness. The double bass drum passages thump straight through the speakers almost like bombs exploding.

If you are a fan of slow-mo thrash then Stone Brigade are a must check out band for you. For fans of Metal Church, Whiplash (Sit, Stand Kneel Pray era), Xentrix, Onslaught, and Nevermore.