Created on 1 October 2010, Stereo Assassin are a Industrial/ Dubstep/ Extreme metal band. The band have two releases prior to Satanic Breaks. Kevin Caputo, has been in the music scene for quite some time now, just looking at some of his bio, it is clear he knowshis craft. Harmony Corruption 1991-1993, Bassist for LI Hardcore legends Disciplinary Action 1992-994, Singer songwriter for Long Island Metalcore heros Soul-Sick. Artie Alexander is the other member of the band, who is currently guitarist for Harley Flanagan’s Hard Core band. 

What can be expected on the Satanic Breaks album? A perfect blend of various genres and musical orientation. There is whole host of things going on on every track, one minute there’s a Dubstep groove going on, then the next, a fusion of Hardcore crossed with the Prodigy. I have no idea how the Stereo Assassin have managed to create all of these ideas and bring them to life via this album, but, there is such a vast array of musical sectors amalgamated into one solid unit, it is quite mind shattering. I know that Industrial has been around for a while, but Stereo Assassin take things to a new level. Bands like Ministry, Bile, NIN, KFDM and the like have got to step up their game if they are going to top this album!

If you are a fan of obscure, experimental, extreme music, then i strongly recommend you get hold of a copy of Stereo Assassin’s Satanic Breaks. I am sure you will not be disappointed.