Stellar Circuits are a newcomer band hailing from North Carolina. They formed in 2015 and are already causing quite a stir within their local metal scene opening for established acts such as Ill Nino.

Their musical style is somewhat unique, it incorporates Progressive Rock and Post Hardcore with a slight helping of Doom into the bargain. The self-titled EP has five tracks laden with intricate, groove- driven wall of sound. For a band that have only existed since last year, I am astonished that they have managed to create such an awesome EP in such a short space of time. No doubt the musicians all know their trade exceptionally well, the musical talent displayed on these five tracks alone is simply mind shattering. The extraordinary vocal range and kaleidoscopic array of riffs and harmonic changes are phenomenal. If I were to try and define Stellar Circuits sound it would probably sound something like this; an intricate blend of fusion, progressive rock, with some modern metal injections for good measure. It could also be depicted as a combination of Henry Rollins, Rush, Korn, Tool, Snapcase, Only Living Witness, Theory of a Deadman, with a touch of Crowbar. Definitely a band to keep an eye open for, as I’m sure they will break into the big league very soon if this EP is anything to go by.