SOUNDWAVE 2016 May Not Happen


With all the controversy surrounding Soundwave Festival, the last thing anyone needed was anything else to worry about. Sadly Soundwave’s days may be numbered as earlier today NOFX’s Eric Melvin said on his Official Instagram:

“Soundwave cancelling sw16 isn’t going to stop me from seeing my Australian mates at Xmas…..!!!!!!!”

Jumping on this quickly, AJ responded with:

“Not true yet. We’ll know this afternoon.”

When asked about the deciding factor he replied with:

“It is down to some scumbags at Eventopia/Ticketek.”

Around that time, NOFX’s Fat Mike tweeted:
“Shit, I wanted to meet Flav and Chuck D. Come on AJ, make it happen!…. Bring me the Verizon… I don’t need to meet them.”

Frenzal Rhomb have also hinted at doubts the event will go ahead, with drummer Gordy Forman posting an update saying:

“If Soundwave manage to find heaps of money under their mattress and realise they can use that to pay the bands what they agreed upon, I might actually be able to play a song or two by then.”

According to AJ’s twitter, apparently Eventopia were supposed to give Soundwave Festival a scheduled advance to pay deposits to NOFX and Bring Me The Horizon. Their Chief Financial Officer changed her mind and decided not make the advance but didn’t tell anyone. So sadly, Soundwave Festival and the Bands were waiting on money that wasn’t coming. If AJ had been informed sooner other arrangements could have been made but since that’s not the case, Soundwave is in a pretty bad position. There have been discussions today but AJ is still waiting on Eventopia/Ticketek to make their decision. The event will not be able to go forward without their support.

Until we hear from AJ, sadly we won’t know anything concrete but he has stated he’ll update us as soon as he knows for sure. Fingers crossed because this could be the end of the only decent Alternative Festival in Australia. While in recent years the line up has dulled without Soundwave we have a massive hole in the Australian music scene leaving us with a lot less bands coming through. All we can do is hope at this point.

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