Sometimes We Make Music or SWMM hail from Norway, and have been around since 2013, recording EP’s and singles throughout that time. Recently the band has taken matter a step further and are working on their live performances and a full length album Queen Anne’s Revenge is their new single, and to be honest, I was not sure what to expect when I read the band info. To say that the music blew me away is an understatement! I am not really a fan of Folk metal or whatever the terminology is these days, but SWMM have won me over. It is rare to me to hear a band for the first time and keep the song on repeat (even whilst writing the review) .

There are just so many different genres of music blended into this epic track, it has everything from pirate metal, elements of folk, melodic death metal, power metal and your traditional metal all cleverly condensed into under 7 minutes!

Vocally, the band have such an amazing range, from clear vocals, which is hard to describe, but to me it sounds like the 80’s Midge Ure from Ultravox, I know that’s not metal, but that’s the style of vocal I hear, and it fits perfectly to this track. There is also a guttural vocal, further expanding the band’s scope. Musically, SWMM have an incredibly talented and awesome musicians who know how to write monstrous riffs, powerful harmonies and earworms.

This track is sure to find a lot of new friends from all kinds of metal heads, from power metal to melodic death. A truly awesome band.