Soles Of Passion are a duo act from Los Angeles who combine Country and Rock to create a mellow, but interesting blend of Country Rock.

Their New album is entitled Bump Me Up and contains eight tracks of excellent, quality bluesy, country style rock. The duo manage to also step over into funk during one track, which further broadens their spectrum of musical talent. Bump Me Up album are quite outstanding. It is rare that guitarists in this day and age choose to opt for a clean sound. In my opinion the guitar sound brings the whole sound of Soles Of Passion perfectly. The vocals are haunting, memorising and leave the ears wanting to hear more of the angelic voice. The lyrical content is also an interesting choice, they’ve decided to focus on the political aspects. Which at present is obviously a critical topic that seems to be going global within the music industry.

Soles Of Passion are sure to find a lot of new fans with their Bump Me Up album.