Screams of Winter are a melodic death metal band that formed in 2004 in Chicago. After various line up changes and the band splitting up in 2010. Screams of Winter are back maturer than they were a decade ago, and they mean business! The guys have just released their five track EP Devine Chaos, the album title certainly compliments the music concealed within.


The quintet kick off their Devine Chaos EP with Mechanical Chaos, this track begins with a mellow intro that, in all honesty, could have had it’s own track. I am only saying this as I know most music journalists skip intros. Thankfully I did not skip this track, after the instrumental intro ends, a wall of guitars are unleashed. This track reminds me of the melodic death metal scene of the late 90’s. Bands such as In Flames, Soliwork, Withering Surface and many others have left their imprint on Screams of Winter. I guess there is also an element of Metal Core deeply embedded also, but not as dominant as the Swedish influence. Divine Tragedy is probably my favourite track on this EP. It has everything I want in a metal track, it has diverse music structures, the drums shatter my skull and the riffs hammer home. Screams of Winter also take full advantage of using multiple vocals, the guttural vocals and also the clear vocal parts. it does sound a little like Killswitch at one point, but, still a very awesome track.

So if you are in to the Swedish metal scene and want to mosh yourself to death, then Screams of Winter’s Divine Chaos is the EP for you. The band really have produced an awesome EP that I would class more melodic death than metal core. In fact, I would only loosely use the term metal core due to the clean vocal parts, other than that it is melodic death metal all the way.