Schizoid were formed back in 2004 in Nicaragua, and have released three full length albums. They have just released a new single, Neuron Blow, with a video for their Youtube channel.

Schizoid’s style is old school thrash, with varying influences, from German thrash to the American style thrash. Neuron Blow is a thrash to the face, with no letting up, hammering through the pain barrier with guaranteed severe whiplash! The track reminds me of the legendary German thrashers Assassin, Interstellar Experience era. There are some hints of Exodus (Fabulous disaster era), Sepultura (Beneath the Remains era). The guitars have that awesome old school tuning, that for me, is the best sound in the world, crunchy, dirty and raw sound. Drums pounding everything in to dust with no remorse. The vocals remind me of a cross between Artillery and Vio-lence, a punchy, direct sound that fits the music perfectly.

I can recommend Schizoid to anyone who is an old school thrasher, death metal or anyone who likes up beat hard and heavy music.