Schizoid hail from Nicaragua, since their formation back in 2004, they have hammered out a fair few releases and accumulated a huge following in the process.

Their latest release is the single Mass Grave, which is a serious piece of thrash of the highest calibre! If, like me, you like thrash to be hard, fast and seriously heavy, then Schizoid are a band that you should check out. The onslaught unleashed on this single is simply devastating. the drums almost reach blast beat status in some parts, where as the guitarist’s fingers annihilate the fret board. On the vocal front, it is hard to describe the style, the closet I can get is, Evil Dead meets Vio-lence, a true 80’s thrash sound that has almost forgotten of late.

I am sure that a lot of old school fans will surely find Schizoid as awesome as I have and start looking at their back catalogue. With the sheer Excellence and immense talent these guys possess, I am positive that they will be hitting some of the big stages in the near future!