The German speed/power metal band from Gelsenkirchen were one of my favourite bands during my teen years. Formed in 1986 the band released classic albums such as “Hypertrace” (1988), “Terminal Earth” (1989), “Mental Reservation” (1995) and “Ball of the Damned” (1996). The first time I heard them was on a sampler, the track was Galactos. I was hooked from then on.

The Galactos Tapes is essentially a double album best of to celebrate three decades of Scanner containing 25 of the best of the bands music over their career. Classic tracks such as: Galactos, Buy or Die and their excellent cover of Queen’s Innuendo are all on the first disc, a grand total of 15 tracks. The second disc contains 10 re-recorded tracks Warp 7, Puppet On A String, Across The Universe, Buy Or Die, Rubberman, Terrion, Wonder, Tollshocked, Sister Mary and Till The Ferryman Dies.

Listening to the re-recorded tracks it is evident that Scanner have still got the ferocious speed and technical ability to play this style of speed/power metal, whereas  other bands that were around at the same time playing that style have either totally changed their style or have withered away. I would like to see more of the German power and speed metal bands return to their original style once again. Bands such as Rage, Running Wild, and even Helloween have drifted far from what that started off playing, which is a great shame. Scanner will hopefully continue to perform this high class of metal for many more years to come.

For those who are not familiar with Scanner’s back-catalogue I strongly urge you to check them out, especially if you are a fan of exceptional guitar riffs, harmonies and high speed technical almost progressive solos. Scanner can be compared to the likes of Sanctuary, Nevermore, Helloween (Hansen era), Rage (up to missing link era).