Ryparian – Tides of Succession (Album Review)


In Ryparian, and with their latest album titled Tides of Succession, we have ourselves a melodic, atmospheric type of metal. It’s been labelled in the promo material as “extreme” metal, but with such tracks as the opener, “In Media Res”, there’s a beautiful fragility to it. The lead guitar line simmers over top of a luscious piano chordal backing. There’s pentatonic shredding for days, to be honest; however, it’s done tastefully.

The first track ends on a piano + distorted talking outro, and what comes next in “Oppression Under the Regime” is stunningly contrasts to what’s been previously presented. It’s heavy and visceral, as all hell breaks loose as accompanied by frenetic chugging and pummelling percussion. Mixed and mastered to an acceptably loud degree, the production value mirrors the content itself; vicious and unrelenting. It’s truly engaging on many levels; it’s a song that has guaranteed Tides of Succession a place in my regular iPod playlist. By the way, did I mention that it’s fast? I hope that I did; otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing this track any due diligence. High tempos included, with additional mind-melting double kick and alternative riffage. The intensity never stops; it ends as it starts – suddenly, and with attitude to match.

“Dying Mind” is a little bit slower, but makes up with it with an intro that is truly blistering. There’s a little bit of quiet, but then it goes to hell again and picks up right where it left off. Ryparian are extreme – not in the “edgy” kind of way that often gets berated in the metal community – they just are extreme. It’s just what it is. This third track is like when you’re out drinking, and you’re having a second pure Firewater shot in a row – whilst it doesn’t burn as much, you still feel its kick, its warmth and its potency. The growls, the low bass to match the downtuned guitars, the precise-yet-insane drumming; all of these elements come together to kick the ass of anyone expecting things to get a little less crazy after what could easily have been an ‘album single’. It’s not prog-crazy, but it’s certainly not boring.

I was genuinely impressed with this effort. Ryparian look to have a long future ahead of them, should they continue to put out tunes like this. Best of luck to them. Make sure to check out the album on their Bandcamp.