Rusty Shipp are a trio hailing from Nashville that were formed in 2013. The band previously released an EP which had some good reviews. Their new output entitled Mortal Ghost is a twelve track monster-piece! It is very rare that I hear a band that was previously unknown to me blows my ears off, especially from the non extreme genres. Rusty Shipp having managed to broaden my horizons as to exactly what else is out there besides the darker, more extreme that I usually prefer.

Rusty Shipp have a certain something about them, they don’t really have a specific genre as such, they have a style of their own, which is a very unique and individual thing to have these days. Some tracks fit the stoner rock genre whereas others fit into a slightly heavier side of the grunge category, but yet still not really sounding like any one band. I can hear where some of their influences have been acquired, bands like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Biffy Clyro and all manner of classic rock bands from the 60’s and 70’s. It’s also interesting that no songs sound the same, each track has it’s own script, own canvas to depict what the chosen topic is. At times the music can be spaced out a little then all of a sudden you are transported to a new planet. I have no clue how they manage to cramp so much music into one album, but they made an outstanding job of it. With every run through of the album I hear more parts that I previously missed. This album definitely has a lot of offerings on the menu, in the scope of what music Rusty Shipp are able to play. Be it bluesy, doom, stoner, psychedelic or progressive, there’s everything here all on one fantastic album.

There is also an accompanying single for the album, Devil Jonah which has a video (see link below for youtube page).

All in all Rusty Shipp have rocked this album right out of the park with their individual style/styles of extremely variable music. An album for quite literally anyone who enjoys good music.