Rolling Stone and Tsarnaev: Where Did the Music Go?


By Audriana Gates

In an age where the print-magazine is a dying industry, did Rolling Stone Magazine sink to new lows to boost readership by featuring suspected Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev on the cover of the August 2013 issue? Many say “Yes.”

With a caption that reads, “The Bomber. How a Popular Student Was Failed by His Family, Fell into Radical Islam and Became a Monster” the magazine drives a sympathetic stake into the hearts of readers. The magazine tries to garner empathy by highlighting the word “student”; a term with a connotation of young and youthful. How endearing.

I have yet to read the magazine, nor will I, because I do not even know who purchases Rolling Stone Magazine anymore. I say shame on you editors of RS. You have now placed Tsarnaev within the ranks of the greatest rock musicians to grace the cover of your magazine. Layne Staley, Metallica, Pink Floyd, and BLACK SABBATH! The list goes on.

You are not Time or Newsweek (which ended print format in 2012). Leave Rolling Stone to what it has been known to deliver: music and entertainment.

Stay away from politics and do not entertain a tragedy. A fresh wound still festering in our hearts.

Time to bow out Rolling Stone.