Revive The Eternity are a melodic death metal band from Taiwan whom, until now, I’d never heard of. The only band I know of in Taiwan, in the melodic death genre, is the awesome Chthonic.  Revive The Eternity have released an EP which contains the true spirit of melodic death metal. In particular the Swedish melodic death scene. There are parts that reminisce the 90’s era of bands like In Flames, Soilwork, Amon Amarth and Evocatiuon.

The Dying of the Light EP contains four tracks of groove laden, melodic, power riffs that, combined with the pounding drums make it impossible to stop your head from banging. The guttural vocals drive everything forward into battle, decimating all in it’s way.

These four tracks on the The Dying of the Light EP certainly have given me a pleasurable blast from the past moment. Melodic death metal seems to be making a comeback, which is good to see. It is also excellent to see some bands from Taiwan gracing us with their music.

Revive The Eternity will, no doubt, be the next band to break out of Taiwan to join their fellow countrymen Chthonic, who are enjoying huge following world wide at the moment, and tour the world some time in the near future.