The Refusers were formed in Seattle back in 2010, although the city was once a Mecca for Grunge, The Refusers have not been influenced by the Grunge scene in any way shape or form, instead they play Hard Rock, and they play it exceptionally well. Lyrically the band have political ideas of their own, and voice the concerns that their country is in and the state of the world in general.

The EP kicks off with the title track Born To Rock, a hard hitting, traditional Rock track with a no holds barred attitude. The track takes me back to the 80’s and reminds me of Alice Cooper, The Rods, Raven and AC/DC (to name but a few) in their glory years. The overall vibe captured even sounds authentic 80’s style. Quite literally music to my ears.

Wake up America is a slower, bluesy track that concentrates more on the lyrical content rather than the music. The lyrics are, as the name would suggest, about the state of the country, it’s government and the justice system. Many bands don’t write political lyrics these days, maybe more should take a page out of The Refusers book, and voice their opinion as it seems to be, and always used to be, a way of getting messages out there.

The New York Times is another interesting track that focuses on social media, and other media outlets and how it is abused to brainwash the public, corruption and how censorship and the government control what we are allowed to know. Musically this track takes on a Classic Rock/Blues style approach.

Go Back To Sleep could be a sequel to Wake Up America, lyrically it fits perfectly. Excellent guitar work on this track kinda reminds me of Lynyrd Skynyrd, especially the riffing and the solo.

Backlash instantly made me think of late 70’s/ early 80’s Kiss. Tracks like Firehouse, God Of Thunder kinda vibe really hits home. Love the song writing on this track is awesome, a real balls out attitude throughout the track.

Professor Friedman’s Floating Money Contraption is a slightly wacky, spacey track which has a 60’s feel to it, in the way of The Kinks or The Small Faces or even The Who could have wrote. The Refusers have gone back to the roots of Rock and created a truly epic track that will wriggle around my head for a while I’m sure.

Information Junkie is the final track on the Born To Rock EP. A clever little track that has a hint of Alice Cooper’s late 70;s era. Lyrically I can totally relate to what the band are saying. The message I’m getting is the strange fascination of posting Selfies, and generally hangin out on social media for any old gossip-mongering, Sadly the world has transformed into a place where people live a lie, pretend to be something they’re not and portray a perfect life, where reality has no bearing whatsoever.


To sum up The Refusers Born To Rock EP, I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of freedom of speech, kick ass Rock n Roll with intelligent lyrics. An excellent lesson in sociology and politics that anyone can understand. I’m sure this EP will be on rotation for a long time yet on my playlist.