Rail Rage hail from Novato, USA and were fomred in 2017 then disbanded shortly after to reform again just last year. Their debut album, is soon to be released later in 2021.

It is great to hear new thrash bands carry the flag for old school thrash metal, and that is exactly what Rail Rage have done on their debut album. I hear influences from Whiplash, early Slayer, Dark Angel and Death Angel!

Rail Rage’s debut contains nine tracks of the finest thrash that I have heard in quite some time. I have heard a lot of thrash bands over the years, but not many that can quite capture the origins of the genre. The whole 80’s vibe is all there catapulting me back in time to the glory years of thrash. Indeed, if you take my favourite track, WIld Hunt, you can hear the resemblence of Slayer’s Show no Mercy from their debut album. Methods of Murder is another track that stands out above the rest, due to its power, aggression and speed, a very brutal track that is sure due cause whiplash! There is simply no mercy shown on this album, just nine rounds of headspliting thrash assault!


I can strongly recomend Rail Rage to all headbangers, thrashers, even death metal fans!