Promethean Reign are a black/ death metal act hailing from Oxford, England. Formed in 2014 the band have conjured up an extreme, but not over the top sound. Unlike most black/death bands Promethean Reign have opted to refrain from belting out blast-beat laden monotone tracks that the market is flooded with. The band have incorporated the vital components from the thrash, death and black metal genres and amalgamated this into an awesome 5 track EP entitled Aftó eínai pólemos.

Aftó eínai pólemos entails 5 well orchestrated tracks, some tracks have a hints of early Behemoth, Bathory, Xentrix, Unleashed and Nile. As you can imagine by the influences I have picked out in their sound, it is quite an epic blend of raw, brutal metal! Promethean Reign are another example of what the UK metal scene has to offer. I can’t quite figure out what the vocals remind me of, or how best to describe them, but I can say that, it’s a perfect blend of both the black, and death metal styles. With a balance of both guttural and darkened screams, Promethean Reign have nailed the vocals to absolute perfection. Musically, the drummer has nailed it! It’s rare that drummers in this field get the right combination of power, speed and aggression right, this guy has done his homework and come out with an A grade performance! the guitar work is, as expected, awesome! There are technical parts worthy of Nile that then merge into whirlwind riffs that annihilate everything in it’s path.

to sum up Promethean Reign’s excellent EP, if you like it hard, heavy and dark, then this is a sure winner for you. Aftó eínai pólemos is one of the best British metal releases I have heard in a very long time.