Post Luctum hail from California/USA have recently released their EP entitled After Mourning, and what an awesome EP it is! Four tracks of the most awesome Death/Doom with a hint of Black metal thrown in for good measure. A very atmospheric, dark, and yet slightly Gothic in parts.

The EP kicks off with the awesome track, The Colossus, in some ways it reminds me of old Tiamat and Dismember (in their slower tracks) but heavier, but deeper and more powerful. The second track, Complacent curse, is more uptempo (who said Doom had to be slow!?) and my personal favourite track, which is on par with Aeon, both on speed and ferocity, this track is going on my best of 2019 list, that’s for sure! Everything about this track is just outstanding! It’s kinda like the 90’s Swedish death scene has just been reborn in the USA! Hallow’s Eve is next up, and this tack, is just as brutally powerful as the others, I particularly like the way their tempo changes, very cleverly composed. The closing track on this monster EP, is Earthbound. Another little surprise on this track with the clear vocals, very fitting, and also brings me flashbacks of Hypocrisy’s Apocalypse. What a way to close an epic EP!


If you are a fan of Swedish, 90’s death metal then this is sure to be a winner for you, also for fans of old school Paradise Lost, Grave, Hypocrisy, Dismember, Tiamat to name but a few. A truly excellent release from Post Luctum