Perceptions of Fate – Last Theatre


Now here’s something different. Perception of Fate‘s latest release, titled Last Theatre is an intense and alluring release indeed. The early tags on the bandcamp say “death metal” but I hear the latter genre mentions like “progressive”. It’s by no means like the equivalent modern-day djent but it is a wee bit avant-garde, though not for my tastes. I love music that doesn’t meet my expectations. I know so little about the creators of this music, and want to learn more through the two tracks I’ve heard so far, titled “Day and Night” and “Devistation”.

It’s very much a release of space. It had a lot of room. Incredibly tense, emotive, and inclusive of the melodic and harmonic elements in a way that makes it more of a painting than simply a collection of songs. The Southern-metal vocal tonage reminds me a little bit of Pantera, though the music between these two collectives is vastly different. There are more mainstream elements in songs such as “Elestial” in terms of the rhythm riffage, but they’re welcome when partnered with the phased lead tones.

The most intriguing thing for me is the kick. The kick, the snare. It’s mixed in a way that honestly is sadly rare in a lot of the metal out there. I say this because the way that the percussion is compressed means that the on-beat rhythms are accentuated and accented, and it makes it seem like you’re consistently being confronted by both the musical content, and the lyrical content. The tone on the guitars, the bass, the vocals with both clean and growled overdubs… Wow. The tonal combination is unlike anything I’ve heard before.

Special shout-out to the solo in the song “Liquid Black” – it’s simple, completely out there, and fits like a glove. That tone. It’s imperfect, rough as guts but still sound so raw and remarkable. Hell, part of the beauty of Last Theatre is that whilst it isn’t an absolutely perfectly played recording (though really close) – his guy did it all by himself. Everything.

Yeah, take that into account and think about it for a second. There are bands that could spend thousands in their records, countless hours producing, performing and writing together, and then they’ll write something whether it be due to label pressure or simply losing sight of their edge… they’ll end up writing something sub-par and forgettable. And this man, Frank Summa, it was all done by him. Damn.

So you know what? Simply for getting from A-Z and producing something as unique, listenable and enjoyable as this. It gets a five star. All credit to Frank. Alone in a new age of Metal, he has his shit together, and that’s perfect.