Panzer are a quartet comprising of Schmier (DESTRUCTION), Stefan Schwarzmann (Ex-ACCEPT), V.O. Pulver (Poltergeist, GurD) Pontus Norgren (HAMMERFALL), that have brought back the old school vibe in metal music that has been sorely missed for a long time.

I am not being biased just because musicians from some of my favourite bands are in this project, but honestly, combining Accept, Destruction, Poltergeist and Hammerfall together you can’t expect anything but pure fkin metal!

Fatal Command is Panzer’s second album to date, and in my opinion the stronger of the two. The album contains no less than 11 tracks of melodic thrash metal masterpieces. One of the interesting points about Panzer is, that, they are not trying to sound like their main bands. For example, Schmier doesn’t have his iconic Destruction raw vocals, he actually has veered away from his comfort zone and actually sings! For those who have followed Schmier’s career over the decades, he has done something similar with Headhunter before, but this album’s vocals are on yet another level of excellence! V.O Pulver is another of my favourite musicians, as some of you may remember the band Poltergeist from the late 80’s early 90’s. Classic melodic thrash per excellence! Accept should really need no introduction, as Stefan’s work with Accept, UDO, Running Wild, to name a few, should be familiar to everyone, a truly fantastic drummer. Hammerfall also need no introduction due to their huge following, one of the best power metal bands in the world.

The Fatal Command album covers such a diverse variety of metal genres, it really is hard to find the right word to define them, but I think melodic thrash is best suited. Panzer have hit the nail on the head with every track on this album, it is hard to pick out a clear favourite track.

The opening track Satan’s Hollow is an awesome, melodic track with tons of melodies and harmonics, a mid tempo powerhouse. The title track, Fatal Command, on the other hand powers home the message, less melodic and more power. We Can Not Be Silenced could easily have been on a Destruction, Headhunter or even a melodic death metal album, such is the heaviness of this arsenal of riffs! Skullbreaker is the slowest track on the album, but also the heaviest. A slow, heavy riff driven track that will surely cause whiplash! The Decline (and Downfall) reminds me of Judas Priest’s Metal Gods mixed with Metal Church’s Beyond the Black riffs.A definite contender for best track on the album.

If you are looking for something a little different, or are a fan of the respective bands the musicians are usually associated with, then this is the album for you. It contains some old school values, pure metal, no gimmicks, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Melodic whatever! This album is about as metal as you can ever imagine!