New York is normally associated with Hardcore acts such as Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front and so on, but, in a place called Buffalo there’s a band emerging called Orius. Orius formed in 2012, the band have formed a dynamic, powerful Metal sound incorporating Post hardcore influences with a splash of modern Metal.

Their second EP release is titled The Slender Threads of Fortune contains six tracks that will, I’m sure be greeted by metal fans both new and old.

The EP kicks off with Life and Fortune, a very aggressive start that borders on Melodic Death Metal mixed with some mid 80’s Helloween style Power Metal riffage. Thrown into the mix, is also the clean vocal part, which caught me off guard. the track then mellows out a little with a hail of melodic riffs and intricate breaks. Another track that is impressive is Catatonia, this is both mellow and powerful. The overall vibe of this track simply digs deep into the soul, the pain and anguish is felt throughout the whole track. Each riff is pounded out of the amps with one purpose, to deliver a message. Job well done! The guttural vocals also complement the main vocals and bring an even deeper meaning across. the final track I’d like to pick up on is Coraggio, The riffs transcend me back to 1989 and a band called Running Wild (Power Metal gods from Germany) album Death or Glory. The technical aspect of the song writing structure is awesome, to merge old school values with modern metal licks and influences such as Avenged Sevenfold, Bring me the Horizon  and Killswitch Engage is not something you hear everyday. Orius have clearly mastered the techniques of many genres and channelled this into six tracks, without sounding like any other band. I am actually finding it difficult to place Orius into a genre.

If you are looking for something a little different to listen to, or like the modern metal sounds with some diverse, hard hitting, global Metal, then look no further than Orius.