OBERON – All There Is (EP Review)


Lisbeth Crowe (Vocals)
Natalia Rosenfeld (Piano/Flute/Piccolo/Cello)
Lachlan Blackwood (Drums/Guitar/Bass)


Oberon is a 3-piece symphonic metal band from Sydney that gives me a good feeling in my gut. Not butterflies, but joy. They’re a band that recently released an EP titled All There Is and by god, it’s the most kickass EP I’ve heard in a bloody long time.

I mean, it’s got horns, and frenetic double kick, and low tuned guitars, and kickass lady vocals! The mix sounds really good, and and they manage to make polyrhythms and an unusually time-signatured chorus sound like the pros. Hell, Oberon are pros.

It’s extremely epic music and maybe because I’ve just had a coffee at lord-knows what time of night, but I’m amped. “Fallen World” was that epic intro track. I mean, if there’s a solo somewhere in it, that’ll just finish it for me. I’ll be done. No more metal needed. My appetite will be satisfied for the eve.

Oh wait, never-mind – it was a breakdown with horns and trumpets. Horns and trumpets. Now that’s original. I’ve gotten the impression that “Fallen World” may indeed be their single.

With “The Bitter Decay”, their second track, I was listening to the intro and thinking “are they going to follow up with a majority-acoustic track?” But no, they kept the energy up and I’m hearing tinges of Nightwish and Leaves Eyes. I approve. The singer’s melodies, especially in the chorus, are fragile and beautiful, and the strings (both orchestral/sampled (?)) and distorted harmonise with them well.

To finish off the pretty track thus far, they included a rather poignant key change, alongside a short guitar solo that really did suit it. I’m kind of glad that they didn’t shred over it. It probably would have muddled up the overall feel of the track and left it feeling confused.

“The End of All Things”, the third track off of the EP, begins with a piano and the lady vocalist. It’s a tonal opposite to the rest of the EP thus far, and it’s really nice. It’s more classical, operatic, and it really is more of a ballad than anything else. Decent. Reminds me a wee bit of the later Evanescence material.

The outro song, “Ghost Waltz”, has piano melodies resonating throughout it and true to the waltz style, it’s in ¾ timing. The lady vocalist sings throughout and carries this solid ending track. It ends with a music box melody, echoing in conclusion, signalling a temporary refrain, til I find some more of their music to listen to. Again, this band rocks.