Not My Master are a quartet hailing from El Paso, Texas. Their new EP entitled Disobey contains some of the most creative, dark and heavy music I have encountered in a long time.

I am not sure where the band get their ideas from, but I hope they carry on doing what they are doing. Combining Sludge, Doom, with a kind of Crowbar heaviness, Not My Master have achieved something unique. The slow-driven, heavy tunes are, incredibly intense, especially the track Where’s God Now. This track has got to be my favourite off the EP, the mid-section riff has an almost old school Norwegian Black Metal edge to it, pure excellence! The track Morning Star has an eerie feel to it, from the whispered vocals in the beginning to the Tom G Warrior (Celtic Frost) screams, reminds me of the slower tracks from Celtic Frost’s Monolith album. The heaviness on this track will knock the wax out of anyone’s ears! How the Gods Kill is another interesting track, which starts off with a very mellow intro, soft guitars, clean vocals, a totally unexpected, but awesome sounding chill out vibe. Once the track gets going, it remains mellow, but yet has a Sabbath meets Only Living Witness feel to it, I was expecting the track to explode into a heavy riff-laden onslaught, but, thankfully, it maintained the same vibe all the way through. An awesome track, displaying that Not My Master are not just a one-trick pony and can produce quality tracks with only half the heaviness.

All in all, Not My Master have produced seven awesome tracks, that I myself, find myself listening to over and over, which, for me, is a little strange. I am not the biggest fan of Sludge or Doom, but Not My Master have got me hook on their music, I am hooked!

I can strongly recommend Not My Master to anyone who is into Pantera (Vulgar era), Crowbar, Prong, St Vitus.