Nautilus are are new project containing three members A Norwegian, Eirik Ramsøy, an American, Matt Weigand and a Frenchman, Gautier Delavaud. Combined they have created the band called Nautilus. Nautilus are in the process of releasing their new album The Oceanwalker, and have just released the first single entitled Swells.


The single reminds me of Death’s classic instrumental Cosmic Sea off the Human album, yet quite mellow and jazzy in parts. there is a slightly heavier mid-section which brings in a whole new dimension to the track. Nautilus also remind me of an instrumental version of Atheist. Musically, Nautilus are extremely talented and obviously have an epic themed album in mind. I can imagine that the whole album in it’s entirety will be full of harmonies and creative, moving themes.

The countdown begins until the album is released. I strongly recommend Nautilus to anyone who is into technical, progressive and yet mellow metal/rock.