Metasoma are a London based groove-laden metal band formed back in 2009. The band have previously released two EPs and one full length album. Their new EP, entitled Chapter 2 is set to be a huge hit in the metal scene.

Metasoma have created an interesting blend of both modern metal fused with some of their own grooves to create a monster sound. The EP contains four crushing tracks, that in my opinion sound better and heavier than Disturbed or any of the Nu metal bands out in the mainstream circuit. There is also a Nirvana cover for the classic Come as you Are track, which I actually like better than the original, more groove and more energy and a shed-load of power takes the track to a whole new level. Metasoma have also released an awesome video for Just Breathe

The band have been working hard on their gigs also, playing a host of shows and also winning some awards along the way in their short career, including Coolura Music Awards, London 2010 and Tatto Jam,Doncaster 2013.

Metasoma’s sound incorporates a bombastic bass sound, heavy, powerful grooves and vocals that range from clear, Disturbed style vocals to aggressive screams. All in all a very impressive band that are sure to go far.